Leitz is Germany’s largest office supplier and the inventor of the Arch Lever File. As one of the leading brands in global office products market, Leitz has always been interested in workplaces and practices of the future.

Leitz has developed the next generation of lamination – iLAM makes lamination easy and create good results every time. All you need to know is on and off.

Leitz has introduced the iLAM to cater for all you lamination needs– with leading technology and design to deliver perfect results each time. iLAM’s comprehensive range of laminators is now available at Thef:;llstop.

To cater to a wide range of our customers’ needs we offer the following models:

iLAM Home Office

As a stylishly designed A4 laminator, it comes in a variety of bright colours to complement your workspace. It is very easy to use and ready to laminate in 3 minutes. The machine is energy efficient including an option for an automatic power down when not in use.

iLAM Home

This is a compact, well designed laminator which compliments a modern office. With features such as fast warming and user-friendly settings, it makes an ideal small office companion.

iLAM Touch A3 Turbo S

This is a fully automated laminator with 1 minute warm up time. This laminator has a unique sensor technology – an ability to recognise thickness of the document and automatically select the best speed.

iLAM Touch

This is equipped with an intelligent sensor technology that detects pouch thickness and automatically selects the optimum speed and temperature.

To get perfect results every time, use Leitz UDT pouches on all laminators. The pouches come with arrows to help prevent misfed documents. Arrows disappear after lamination.