Stationery users who think there isn’t much to the office puncher or stapler are in for a surprise courtesy Maped, which launched its new ‘Maped Office’ range in Sri Lanka recently with Thef:;llstop, the authorised distributor for the renowned French brand.

Sri Lanka became one of the first countries in South Asia to receive items from the new range, presented as a re-invention of common office implements to deliver advanced ergonomics and vastly improved performance, functionality and endurance.

And, to give credibility to its claim, Maped is backing its new puncher, stapler and scissors with a five-year warranty, longer than that offered by most leading automobile or electronics brands.

“We are very excited about these new arrivals,” S. Shivaraj, General Manager of McCallum Stationers, the owner of Thef:;llstop told leading stationery retailers at a launch at the company’s store at Crescat. “Maped is already one of the most popular stationery brands in Sri Lanka, with well over 100 products in the ‘School’ segment. The launch of the advanced ‘Maped Office’ portfolio takes the brand into the professional segment.”

“Imagine a puncher that can effortlessly punch through 20 pages with minimal effort, or a stapler that will pin 20 sheets together with precision, and keep doing it for years,” Mr Shivaraj said.

The Maped Office A6203 Puncher and A3545 Stapler have hardy all-metal frames with an automobile paint finish that make them sleek and glossy desktop accessories. The two-hole puncher has a high-performance mechanism with a non-stick punching system, a patented innovation for quick punching without the guide bar and a front opening system for easy confetti disposal. The stapler has a high-performance anti-jamming system, a staple fill level window, a storage compartment for two spare bars of staples and offers three functions – stapling, tacking and pinning.

The new eco-designed Maped Office scissors has high-quality stainless steel blades and rivet and handles designed for user comfort. It too carries Maped Office’s five-year warranty.

Established in 1947, Maped has been the fastest growing stationery company in the world over the last 20 years. Now present in more than 125 countries through 20 subsidiaries and more than 100 sales agents or importers, covering six continents, Maped introduces more than 25 new products per year, making the brand a key driving force in the market. The company designs every single one of its products, without exception, and houses the majority of their production. Its six factories are located in France, Germany, Mexico, Argentina and China.